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July 25, 2009
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:w00t: Happy Birthday *:iconmitch-el: Mitch-el!!!! :party: :cake:
:iconremyplz: :iconwelcomeplz:

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I apologize for sending this greeting so late. :party:
As you can see, I created your favorite characters, your Little Chef, Remy, with Linguini.

I was originally going to draw Remy in those "I'm the Dog" pose from a 'bird's eye' angle where he happily serves you Ratatouille and a piece of cake.
I did this deviation as an appreciation of the film as well as a *get into character*, in a way of Remy [you] and his pal Linguini [me except am a girl :giggle:] follow their dreams to success [going to Pixar].

There were two scenes I have to pick from: :bulletorange: [A] when Linguini and Remy look their way to opportunity on their first day of cooking :bulletorange: [B] and the day Remy and Linguini reached were on their ups in maintaining good credit from Gusteaus.

The second choice seemed better. Also, the expressions on their faces are a win. XD Remy's expression....:love:

Keep drawing, Mitch, and may your dreams come true.

EDIT: Tools used= pencil, colored pencil

then digital render over sketch.

Clip reference used: See… Stop at 9:43.

My stylus is broken at these times, so I have to go with a mix between traditional and digital work. So, I basically used a mouse and my index finger to smudge some rough areas. :nod: It's my first time drawing Linguini at this angle as well as Remy's. I still need to work on the anatomy of hands...Remy was always fun to make since he was the first to be rendered.
Once I get the stylus fixed, for sure, I'll practice more on digital work.

Ratatouille: Remy and Linguini (c) of Disney-Pixar
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