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Beeju's upcoming birthday! More updates! CTN fun!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 18, 2013, 8:13 AM


CTN moments
…and a reflection of my experience there!!!

 One thing came to mind: It was an absolutely fun event of Thursday through Sunday!!!

 I met amazing artists that I won’t have to mention and know that they are currently still roaming around this Deviantart website. I am thankful to know and have met all of you and I enjoyed sharing some common interest and my own drawing experiences with you! I would like to thank all you that have attended (and/or encountered in person) for making these events VERY SPECIAL and inspirational for all of us!!!

In fact…So inspired~…I’ll catch up to post up the finished works here…(and maybe there?...pfft…tumblr…my blogspot…livejournal) and more fun stuff to the page…(whenever I get the time to)…

But postings will be limited time to time...meh…If viewers like you remain to keep my hopes up and checking up…Oh yea! Thank you to those who still do check on how I’m doing. ;)

Back to the ‘Creative’ talk…

 I met up with friends that I have not seen in months…or maybe a year!!! I am very grateful to journey around the area seeing and meeting people together with my group.

The people there are so friendly and I’m proud to meet such wonderful creators who have done most of my currently favorite and classic films and television series:

Dan St. Pierre (a really close friend of mine)

Lauren Faust ( drew couple MLP FIM characters :heart:)

Craig McCracken (drew Wander,Dexter, and(or) Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends characters :heart:)

Dave Thomas (drew Lord Hater on the posters and a few Fairly Odd Parents characters :heart:)

Chris Sanders

Rick Farmiloe

Eric Goldberg

Tony Bancroft

There are SO MANY PEOPLE I can continue to talk on and on about them coming from Disney, Sony, BlueSky, Nickeldeon, Cartoon Network, Pixar, Hasbro; and a few international industries mentioned and recommended to me. So, thank you to all who have created the films and shows I have grew up with.

 Afterwards, I had a few (ultimate) Pokemon multi battles with my group and was lots of fun trading, exchanging codes back and forth, exchanging business cards, just chatting…etc.

:star:I don’t think this part of my experience is necessary here, but I’ll post it here anyways since it happened just yesterday of Nov. 17, 2013!

At the crosswalk waiting to get to our destination for lunch, we encountered a crow(?) or Raven(?) battling against, a pretty large for its size, mouse. (Someone comment below about which eats mice…) This is how the conversation went.

All 8 of us: OMG!!!


The Girls: (staring on in awe and a few ‘oh no!’ *gasps*)

The crow wins in the end flying off with its prey.

(from that one Bambi parody) ‘Thaaaattt’sss laaaiiiifffee!~”

 Yep! Pretty intense moment there from mother nature itself!

 :star: Well, overall, it was A LOT OF FUN meeting new and familiar faces there and I look forward to going here again to this event! 

Oh! For local California deviantart members attending! I look forward to meeting you soon too! ;)

Thank you for your time and for viewing! And thank you for those I have met and checking out my stuff! Hope to see you all again soon! :wave:

~Beeju :iconbeeju:


Okami by ovstampsNichijou Stamp by daisykartArt Is...... by Cryssy-miu

LEGAL ROLL STAMP by flutterskies Remi Kicks You Stamp by aliceapprovedLayton: Hershel Layton - Professor by Vulpixi-Stamps

Stamp: Serena by Endless-Mittens Pokedex by AssassinHiruClemont stamp by SA948-Stamps

Stamp I love sven frozen by HavickTheLionSatoshi Iris Dent Stamp by KevfinPatrick loves you by ARTic-Weather
Kokoro no fanfare Stamp by Shiro-RedfieldStamp: Pikachu and Mijumaru by Endless-MittensPikachu Stamp by Kizu-FreaK
Stalker Maru by KyogreMasterWander Animated Stamp by TaffytaMuttonfudgePokemon Stamp : Zorua MGM Parody by Kevfin

K.K Stamp by Chibi-Mikan Phoenix vs Layton Stamp by fireproofmarshmallowTobuscus Intro Stamp by sugarpoultry
Shizue Isabelle Fan Stamp by JailboticusGravity Falls Stamp 2013 by ScittyKittyBe Happy - Stamp by pincel3d
Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWowAdventure Time: Why'd You Steal Our Garbage? stamp by SugaryDonutzCant Make Stamps Stamp by azieser

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HOW AM I DOING- Hello dA Pals!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 24, 2013, 8:33 PM
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  • Reading: The Art of *insert favorite films, anime, games*
  • Playing: Professor Layton; Ni No Kuni; Pokemon B and W
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Hi everybody!!! :wave:

First off…sorry for the radio silence that I've been sort of…how should I put this…a zombie! Grahh! (Ahh! No no. I'm not...:D) from this site for the past few weeks…no wait…month!

:new: HAVE ANY OF YOU WATCHED THE ACADEMY AWARDS? If so, :highfive: to all you!
If 'highfives'. but have :cookie:(s) because you came upon my page! :D
It's alright if you didn't. I honestly got bored on some parts of the event and had to change the channel to watch one of my other favorite shows. ^^;


Second…to those who are still with me and to the newcomers on my page…
You guys are awesome!!! :salute: :highfive: :hug:
Thank you for the support throughout the years to continue drawing as my passion. :thanks:

I haven't even started a journal about the new year of 2013. :la:
Happy (this is  bit belated to announce...:blush:) 2013. :party:
With that, I have a few more I need to ask from you as the viewers.

So, here are a few 'shout outs' to all of my :new: and continuing audience/fans/ fellow friends of mine on this website.



:bulletblue:---Should I make more art that is…
Okamiden Animation (in the description) by Beeju



-Digital (the usual software and provided art programs on my desktop)
-Traditional (pencils, colored pencils, pen, brushes)
-Mixed Media (a little bit of both balances out)

:bulletblue:  What would you like to see more out of me?
-Animals, Humans, Both???
-Video Game Franchise Art
:new:-Animations (fanart animation request are open)

:bulletblue: A particular animation/gaming/ film industry you want me to come upon…or maybe even CROSSOVER STYLES?

Example: A live action film phenomenon to a particular animation/ gaming series…
Professor Layton-Les Miserables Style (Oscar's Ed) by Beeju

-Hasbro (MLP stuff)
-Studio Bones style
-Level 5…Studio Ghibli style
-Historical Cartoons from the 90s to early 2000s—Warner Brothers?

Stuff like these (pics below)
(Animaniacs) Rita the Cat- All on Her Own by Beeju


:star: and lastly….

COMMISSIONS...and because  of that, would you buy from me? I'll open a poll upon this topic.

If I get a bunch of yes and messages on my 'notes' box, I'll be more than happy to update a journal that talks more about this…and I will have the journal and message box open for request for both this site, livejournal, and tumblr…and other websites

(P.S. REGARDING ART REQUEST COMMISSIONS--It can't be your original characters…originals can only include live animals upon request…)

I really would like to hear from you guys and your opinions…
Please leave a comment below regarding the listed stuff above…maybe even some art suggestions and advice too. :nod:


THE AWESOME SF devmeet and Animation on Display

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 21, 2012, 12:03 AM
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Hi everybody!!! :wave:

Here's my update about the most amazing weekend I had of this month of this YEAR!!! :la:

The events I have experienced made me want to express myself by bursting into fireworks and confettis!!! :la:


There was a devmeet here at San Francisco and my classmate took the opportunity to attend their event.
There was a deviantart contest where artists all over the world are to create a masterpiece work of their own based on the theme of the 7 Deadly Sins.
The sin of Pride won, but the artist wasn't able to attend.  To show our gratitude of the artist's hard work, we gave the person thank you and congratulation greeting cards.

Oh! Oh! Before I go on, these are the amazing artists I have met and would like to share with you watchers on my page out there! (don't say you're not…because each and every individual out there of deviantart IS an artist :nod:…Keep that in mind. >.> >w<) I

The first 5  people are the people :iconashti7: and I went with and explore city life!!! A shout out from me. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! :w00t:
:iconawaicu: (← Thank you ever so much for the keychain you made!!! I said this already! I really appreciated it and I'm still using it. :aww: and I loved your drawing of your character on my sketchbook)

CEOs I have met in person. With $ symbols. :iconepiclaplz:

Anyways, there were amazing goodies given to all Deviantart attendees of the SF event.
They gave away trollface duffel bags and trollface t-shirts, llama stickers, the 7 main artist winners of the 7 Deadly sins bumper stickers, Fella stickers, emoticon stress balls, and MORE STICKERS!!!!!!!! :iconexplodelaplz:

I really had a wonderful time meeting each and every one of you!!! Hopefully, we can have another devmeet in San Francisco sometime again.
 FREE!!!! HAAAA!Professor Layton Stamp_Layton by babo-stamp :iconblackstarlaughplz::  

Thank you all for coming to the San Francisco deviantart meeting!!!
Thank you :iconheidi: and :icondraweverywhere: and other CEOs for making this event special.
Oh! And thank you so much :iconcalanjackal: for posting these pics of us from the meeting!

:iconteddywangdoodle: ~Teddywangdoodle, thank you ever so much for attending the event with ~Ashti7.
I had a great time going around Kabuki Hotel with you as well as getting special goodies for ourselves and meeting special deviantart artists there.

I got a print art from

Other amazing artists I have met in person I really enjoyed mingling and talking to:
:iconclaudialaw: (Illustration and design) ~jokerkilljoy
:iconauraspirality: (can be found on tumblr and gmail with the same username account)

More Updates

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 6, 2011, 4:46 AM
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Hi EVERYBODY!!! :wave:

Beeju: Thanks EVERYBODY!!! *cyber :hug:*

:party: But first, ….I made a Pokemon Best Wishes Promo Video!!! Mainly because the game came came out TODAY, MARCH 6.
More information about what's in the game of the new Pokemon versions of Black and White updated on my hosting club: :iconpokemonbestwishes-bw:.

:bulletgreen:The Art Updates Category:bulletgreen:

Movie and TV Promotion Commissions
Pokemon Victini and Light Hero/Dark Hero
Pokemon Zoroark and Zorua

I'll still be uploading drawings such as
:bulletorange: iScribble Art with :iconmiharuzee:
:bulletgreen: Pokemon Best Wishes Art!
:bulletgreen: Disney-Pixar Art
:bulletgreen: Nintendo art
:bulletgreen: More Anime Art

I really need a new dA ID to create. So, I'll be in the progress of working on that as well as creating more original character artworks. :nod:




The Day I Joined Deviantart...My deviant art story

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 6, 2010, 8:24 PM
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  • Playing: Pokemon SoulSilver for the win!!!
  • Eating: WAFFLES OF DOOM!!!!
  • Drinking: Passion Ice Tea!!! I love the tropical flavor!!!

Hi EVERYBODY!!!! :wave:

So, I recently discovered on my status page and it said I joined on September 6, 2008, which means this is my 2nd anniversary event that I've been on this site!!!

Yay!!! :D :party: :bounce: :cake: :w00t: :dance: :meow: :abduction::excited: :aww: :D

This also represents the day I first uploaded my drawing which was:

I always wondered of when I joined. I seriously thought it was on the date of October 2008 I registered as a member on this site. It was thanks to my friends :iconmodalmechanica: and :icontvgirl37: that introduced me to this site.
I was instantly intrigued of joining when looking up some of my personal favorite fandom artworks.

Also after meeting the admins in person of the bash party, I became more and more interested and proud of being on deviantart. Thank you so much creators of dA for creating this worldwide website. :w00t:

I also cannot forget how fun the 10th birthday deviant art meet up was~! I was happy to be here on deviantart!!! I met all of you amazing people of the dA HQ like Heidi and Spyed and a whole lot of deviant art members! I won't forget about how real llamas were there to take pictures with. It was really cool!!! 

Another really neat event was at San Francisco, Metreon, in 2011. 

Thank you, all of you, for bringing the fun and familial events of the deviant art community!

End of Announcement
End of Art of Beeju update.

Beeju's Back From SF-Pixar- Monterey Bay

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 4, 2010, 9:47 AM
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Hi EVERYBODY!!!! :wave:
(note: I might re:edit this)

I'm finally back from my weekend trip to San Francisco

It was so much fun and a wonderful experience when my mom and I drove 5 and half hours all the way there. It was risky due to how complicated it gets to drive around the city of San Francisco, but overall I really enjoyed myself to walk and explore around there.

Haha! On my way there, I got bored and I started stuff like singing, puzzles, and funky beat-boxing nonsense.

I really loved how much most of the food and restaurants at SF are organic. I'm gonna miss eating at the restaurants they had there.

On to the listing

1. Leaving to San Francisco

We got there on time, about 9:38 in the morning at Downtown/Chinatown area.

2. Exploring! Sightseeing!

3. Shopping/ Our lunch was dinner at San Francisco Bloomingdale Mall.

4. Breakfast at Hotel

5.To Pixar Animation Studios and 'Easter Egg' places from films at Emeryville.
ex. Fenton's Ice Cream (based from Up)

6.Organic food and drinks-Pizza, root beer, and Ice Tea

7. To Fisherman's Wharf-Pier 39
Favorite Store: The Lefty's Store (I feel special because it's a store for left-handed people)

8. Dinner at Crabhouse-Pier 39 SF

9. Walking back to parking lot-foggy season-Coit Tower

10. Then To Monterey Bay Aquarium

11. Fish Hopper's Restaurant at Monterey!!!
*I ate so well there this time*

Then we went all the way home!!!

Overall, it was a real fun trip and experience!!!

The countdown 'till B-day

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 20, 2010, 10:34 PM
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  • Drinking: Passion Ice Tea

Hi everybody!!! :wave:

It's been awhile since I made another journal (since New Year's). :aww:

I don't really know what I'll be doing for that day, which is Saturday...:shrug:
March 5th I'll be at Hollywood to watch Alice in Wonderland at El Capitan. I was told I have to park away from the Kodak theater since there are preparations from the Oscar Awards Event. It's gonna be a busy weekend... :O_o:
:bulletgreen: Also, prep for the Oscars Award, which will premiere on March 7.